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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Library mentor and reading to the juniors- Excellence evidence 13

On Monday I was library mentor. While I was collecting books to put away one of the shelves fell down. I told the girl that dropped it that I would help her pack it up. I made sure to put it in the correct order instead of just trashing the books on the shelf. After I had put all the books on it fell down again. I made sure to put it back up in the right order instead of leaving it. 

Since Tracy and Alex now know how to run the library I decided without being asked to tidy the shelves because they were really bad. Mrs Ward really appreciated my help because they were very messy!!!  I made sure to respect the books. 

On Thursday I turned up to reading to the juniors on time straight after the bell rang. I did it with Honor because Zainab was away. First I collected a section of Barbie books including Barbie Princess Charm School, Barbie Fashion Fairy Tale and Barbie Musketeers. Next Honor and I grabbed a bean bag each and headed down to the juniors area. I found two girls to read to and they stayed for a few books. Next another girl came up to me wanting to read some books. I read a few more books to her, which she really enjoyed. When it was time we returned the books and beanbags back to the library instead of leaving them outside to get destroyed!!! 

The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with Honor to make sure reading to the juniors was successful. I also showed resillience by not getting annoyed when the shelf fell down again.  I showed leadership by earning a posie from a duty teacher and motivating kids to read. 

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