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Saturday, 28 May 2016

House Captain - Excellence evidence 20

Today was the whole school assembly, The student leaders sat up the front. I listened to the value focus and made sure to follow it. The focus was: Focus on the speaker or presentation. I showed that throughtout the assembly and earned a care tick, which was role modeling to other students, especially to the juniors. I also made sure to not talk, because that would definitely not be role modelling. Lastly when the year seven and eights were released I made sure to leave respectfully and not talk. 

Care Ticks:
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the house captains did the care ticks. We had to work hard because there was a lot to do since a lot had be handed out. I made sure to:

  • Not cheat. 
  • Fill the form out correctly. 
  • Listen and not assume. 
  • Do other people's care ticks before me. 
  • Lastly be friendly and kind. 
The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with the people in Kowhai to get there care ticks done and do them right. I showed leadership by filling the form in and being a leader and role model this week. Another way I showed leadership was when I was sitting up the front at the assembly, even thought it was boring I still showed my care values.  

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