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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Peer mediator -Gold

Today I did peer mediation with Zainab ,we walked around the Junior area and  buildings. My whole group did not turn up which was sad and not showing leadership to the school.  We didn't really see or hear any problems. It was good to see when we were  on duty that all the PAL groups were on the field,which was  good to see. We saw that everyone was being nice to each other. I think we were helpful to the school,by doing our duty and turning up. We turned up at the dot of 1:10 which was when we started. I look forward to peer mediator,each week and enjoy doing it. 
This is what I liked about it:

  • Helping around the school
  • Seeing junior students having fun
  • Helping solve problems
  • Showing leadership to the school
   By Alicia. 

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