Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Peer mediator-gold badge

Today Sarah, and I did peer mediator,the rest of our group did not turn up again! So we headed out toward the juniors playground,and buildings. At first we has know problems,but then we ended up having an million. First of all a teacher has told some boys to put some books from the library into the classroom or the clock bay ,but the other boy wanted to put them in the classroom! We sorted this out by getting them to put them in the cloak bay ,or they would get lost.   The next problem was about some girls playing an netball game and one of them was not ready ,and missed the ball and she has to go to the back of the line,it kept happening. We sorted the problem out by telling the girls to just play  fairly ,when we came back it was sorted.  I has an lot of fun at peer mediator and are excited to do it next week. I showed leadership by turning up and helping out.
By Alicia:) 

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