Friday, 12 June 2015

Library Gold evidence

Today was Library ,every even week I get get excited about Library . Lauren,Jessica and I did library ,cause Reia was at winter sport. We got there on time and started putting the books away. It was good fun and it helped Mrs Ward . The library was super busy ,we has to get a lot of books out for people. I also returned some books as well. We closed the library at ten past one. It was hard to get everyone out,but we did. We packed it up as well, it was a bit messy. After I returned some books to the senior library for Mrs Ward. I showed a lot of leadership this week and today I have turned up to all my roles on time and been an role model.
What I like about being an librarian:

  • Helping Mrs Ward
  • Being an role model 
  • Scanning and returning books
By Alicia:)

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