Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Helping out around the school-Gold

Today Zainab and I  were helping out around the school by doing two things. 

  1. Filling in and helping someone who forgot to do librarian
  2. Returning senior books to the library.
When I was returning them to the library we saw that the book hub was a tip. There were books everywhere and they were all in the wrong place.  I decided to help the year 7 & 8 by cleaning the book hub. I was not impressed that year 7 & 8 could be so messy and have no respect. I cleaned the books up and put them in the right place. 

Overall I think the year 7 & 8 could be more respectful and we will definitly clean it again if it is still messy. We showed a lot of leadership:)
By Alicia.      

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