Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Gold Evidence PALS

Today Sam W,Zainab and I did pals,with the Kakano team. We started To play a game of Paper,scissor,rock. It didn't really work cause the little students,did not really understand the game so we changed it to Duck,Duck goose,which went really well because ,lots more students came,and They really enjoyed it. Lauren also helped us find kids to play,which really helped,we has about 20 little kids and they were all entertained by the games we has set up. I think we all showed leadership by doing our Duty and turning up because not all of our group did. 
I like PALS because:
  • I can be a role model
  • It is fun
  • We get to play games with the little kids 
Overall I can not wait until next week! 

By Alicia. 

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