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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Pals-Gold Evidence.

Today I did pals with Zainab because the rest of my group did not turn up, we did races with Lyle and Oscar ,and the Kids really enjoyed them, other kids also joined into our game and really liked it that the Pals came on, we were the only Pal group which was a shame ,But I think we did a really good job. We also played Doctors/Ant tag with them, which was really fun. I think I showed Leadership by helping these kids find something to do at lunch. We started our Pals Game at 12.40 and finished it at 1.25,so they has something to do the whole lunch time.I think I showed a lot of leadership.
Reasons I like PALS.

  • It is fun and you get to spend time with the little kids.
  • It is showing leadership.
  • We get to be role models and help out around the school

By Alicia.

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