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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Peer mediator -Gold

Today Jasmine,Emily and I did peer mediator at 1:10. We  showed leadership by turning up cause Sarah did not . We walked around the buildings. When we were in the junior area ,we saw some kids in the wrong place. This was not good since it was muddy and there was a bit of Ice.   We went up to them and told them they were in the wrong place. They listened to us and moved to a different place. We also told a few other kids to keep in the right area. We  also finished solving a problem from the last group about a boy pushing a girl and the girl was chasing the boy,we sorted it out by telling them to say sorry and two wrongs don't make a right. We told people off for playing in the bush! Anyway  It was fun being a role model,helping out around the school,showing leadership  and having fun on peer mediator. 
The rest of the group did not turn up again ,well they have not turned up for about 6 weeks. 
By Alicia. 

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