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Thursday, 8 September 2016

House Captain- Distinction evidence 25

On Monday we did not have a leaders meeting. 

Bake sale: Wednesday
On Wednesday the year eights had our last bake sale of the year to raise money for our trip to Wellington. At about 20 minutes to 11, we started to set up. I made sure to ask either Sam L's mum, Emma's mum or Levis mum which table I should put the food on either middle school, juniors and seniors. I helped out at the middle school table with Samara, Sam L, Honor, Lauren, Dylan and I. Since there is 18 student leaders there is six at each table. I went to room 9 and some other classes to tell them they could go and get food from the bake sale. When the bake sale started I made sure to explain the prices, speak clearly/loudly, give the correct amount of change, be friendly and polite, and make sure people were paying the correct money. Our table also made sure to lower the prices at the correct time and always make sure there was something on our table that was 1 dollar. We ended up selling everything which was really good and we made just under 800 dollars? 
When everything was sold I made sure to help pack up and respect people’s containers. 
Overall I think it was a really successful bake sale and I stepped up as a leader. 

Student leader’s photos: Tuesday. 
On Tuesday we had a student leader’s photo I made sure to just listen to the photographs and stand in the correct places. I think I showed all my care values at this event. 

Care value: 
The care value I showed this week was community because I was a positive community member while helping out at the bake sale and getting our photos token also think I showed excellence because I tried my best at the bake sale to make sure everything was done fairly. 

How I showed leadership: 
I showed leadership by being a good leader at the bake sale, I was a good leader by stepping up as a leader and being sensible. 

How I have continued to be a good role model this week: 

I have continued to be a good role model by role modelling positive behaviour at the bake sale and to the juniors when in the junior’s area. 

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