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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Librarian- Distinction evidence 24

On Monday all the librarian received an email, about the librarian school photos and when/where they were on. I noticed that Zainab wasn't on the mailing list and the mail hadn't been sent to her, even though she was a librarian, I showed active thinking by forwarding the message to her. 

Here is the email: 
Here is the email: 

On Tuesday I made sure to turn up on time to the librarian photos. I also made sure to remind people to go, who hadn't checked their email. When we were getting our photos took I made to listen, get in the correct order and be respectful to the photographs. I personally think I was respectful while having the photo took and showing all my care values. 

On Thursday Zainab and I had reading to the juniors, since it was a mix of crazy weather rain, hail, sleet etc, there was no reading to the juniors.  On Wednesday and Thursday, I helped out in the morning at the library, because heaps of people come in and there is always books too put away. On Wednesday and Thursday I helped by putting books and cleaning the book shelves. 

Care value: 
The care value I showed was active thinking because I forwarded the email to Zainab when I knew she wouldn't get it. I also showed all my care values at the photos. 

How I showed leadership: 
I showed leadership by helping out in the morning when I couldn't do reading to the juniors, due to the crazy weather!! 
How I have continued to be a good role model this week: 

I have continued to be a good role model this week because I role modelled positive behaviour when having my photos taken. 

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