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Friday, 2 September 2016

House Captain- Distinction 22

On Monday we didn't have a student leaders meeting so there wasn't as much leadership this week as other week's.

On Monday we did have a whole school assembly throyght. The student leaders sat up the front, right in front of the new entracts , so it is a great chance to role model the assmebly expections to them since they have a short attiton span and get dircted at assmeblys. It was great that the student leaders could role model postive behaviour to them. 

The assmebly expections: 


  • Enter and exit respectfully ( This means walking in and out of the hall quesitly) 
  • Clap and laugh when aporitave. ( This means not trying to be silly and get the last clap and knowing when to stop laughing) 
Active Thinking: 

  • Foucs on the speaker or presnastion. (This means looking at the person that is talking througout the assmebly) 

  • Sit quietly ( This pretty much means sit queitly without talking) 
  • Listen repctfully (This means listening in a respectful manner) 

  • Follow the assmebly expections ( This means pretty much following the care values ) 
I think I role modelled all of these in the assmebly and the little kids had a postive role model to look up too. I eneded up getting a pozi for showing them 

Care value: 
The care value I showed was all of them because I showed all the care values in the assmebly. The learner quitely I showed was collbraote because I collbraoted with the other student leaders at assmebly.

How I showed leadership:
I showed leadership by being a good leader when I was sitting up the right so everyonbe could see a postitve role model. 

How I have continued to be a good role model:
I have continued to be a good role model by role modelling postive behaviour at the assmebly for the new entracts to follow and any ther students that weren't doing the right thing at assmebly/ 

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