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Friday, 2 September 2016

Libraian- Distinction evidence 23

On Monday I had library mentor, Mrs Ward told me that Tracy and Warsiaha had been mentored enough and I didn't have to do it any more so I spent the rest of the lunch time getting involved in other activities.

On Thursday I had reading to the juniors with Zainab and Honor helped. I am not sure about Makayla, as she hasn't organised with Mrs Ward about when she is going to swap with me due to te Haupa but I just did my duty anyway. When the bell rang for lunch time I headed straight to the library to collect the books. I just got the usual Spot The Dog, Barbie etc. Next we headed down to the junior area when we arrived a whole bunch of kids came running up to us insterted in the Barbie books we have. I ended up reading to one girl in room 14 who seemed to really like Barbie. At about 20 or so pass we headed back to the library to allow time to put the books away properly. Afterward we got involved by playing on the playground. 

On Friday I helped Honor with reading to the juniors. First we headed to the library to collect the beanbags and books. We basically just got all the Barbie books, Spot The Dog, Sofia The First, etc, which always go down well. I read to Morgan a girl in room 14, who seemed to really like the books and also read to another girl in room 14 (Which is the new entrants class) At around about 20 past we headed back to the library to allow time to return the beanbags because it takes longer to bring them back since they are quite heavy!! Next time I think we should get a better range of books and get something suited for boys because all the books are kind of for girls. Overall I do think it was still a really good session. 

Care value: 
The care value I showed was Community because I was a good community member by doing my leadership duty.

How I showed leadership: 
I showed leadership by being a good leader while in the junior’s area. 

How I have continued to be a good role model: 

I have continued to be a good role model by role modelling positive behaviour to the younger kids. 

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