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Thursday, 12 March 2015

My writing Goal

Walt: To learn where to put paragraphs and structure.
Where we put paragraphs:
New Speaker
New time
New topic or Idea
New place
This is a example of where I added paragraphs in my August writing.
The next morning we get a phone call really early from the dumb Hospital.

'Oh I bet there just calling about how sorry they are' Mum says sarcastically.

Via picked the phone up. 'Hello Via speaking' she says 'yes ,yes' she says . After a long Pause she says 'Okay , when and Bye.

'What was that about she asks' mum asks.

'Mike ringed to say he could improve Augusts face with some new tools they got in yesterday' via says happily .

'That great ,did he say anything else' dad asks.

'No Via' says.

'Get in the car' Mum says happily.

'Okay' I say grinning.

I think I have reached relational because I have used paragraphs to Organise my Ideas.

By Alicia.

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