Monday, 23 March 2015

My maths proving it.

Second picture

First picture
 In the first picture there is  number it is 599.5885 the question is what is the first 9? It is the ten because the second   9 is units  because the decimal point is after .

In the second picture it has three numbers
9.992   9.395   9.9980  I am going to order them from smallest to biggest  . The smallest is

9.395 . the second smallest is 9.992 and the third is 9.9980 because of the number after the decimal point.
 Another example of place values  is this question.
What number is the tenths in the number above:
It is five because eight is hundredths and the nine is thousandths and the six is ten thousandths and it can't be any numbers on the other side so that is why I think it is five.
By Alicia.

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