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Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Monorail

Zoom,Zoom It Felt like i was going to come clattering off when I went crashing speedily round the second corner .
I was just about screaming the whole way! The Monorail must be one of the main attractions at the camp!
When It was my turn I leaped In the cart and went zooming off in a flash !
we were at living springs camp .We were staying 3 days and two nights at the outstanding camp!
But the most outstanding thing about the camp was the monorail.The worst thing about the monorail was when you has to drag the cart back up the hill for the next person !It was exhausting !!!It felt if you were transporting an Elephant with wheels !you could see the person at the top complaining for me to bring the cart back up the hill more quickly and the grubby and arid grass.The Monorail would have to be one of my favorite activities at the camp.Cause It was very fast as fast as a rocket and it was just plain awesome!
By Alicia  

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