Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Jimmy's horrible day!

lion1.pngJimmy inspected himself in the puddle that lay upon the jungle ground .He saw a loose strand of hair.’Oh No the ladies will dread seeing me’ he declared .He quickly tucked it in.As he rubbed his hand across his elegant hair he felt a substantial rain drop land on his attractive hair.’Oh No ,my hair ,my hair its dreadful the ladies will hate it ‘he screeched .But Jimmy did not know the rain drop was just the commencement of his unpleasant luck.Because there was a bat nearby who was about to dismount in the centre of his fro! Blop! The bat landed in his fro!’No ,No this can’t happen,noooo’! he dreaded ‘.As he was sitting under the tree yelling at himself a drop of shimmering coconut oil landed in his fro and detangled his hair letting the bat soar free!Jimmy was soooooooooo elated! He celebrated all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT: Miss Harris show us a picture of a lion and we had to make up the worst thing that could happen to Jimmy

SO WHAT:I learnt how to use good words in my stories

NOW WHAT:what do you think your next learning step is? to make such spelling is correct!!!!!!

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  1. great job Alicia! love the describing words. thumbs up keep the good work