Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Narwhals

Walt:write an info report that has paragraphs 
About different sub topics
Do you believe in unicorns?
Of course not!What about sea unicorns?well these are what you will be reading about !you may not think they're true but they are!
What are Narwhals?
 The Narwhal Is a mid sized whale,with a
extraordinary unicorn horn ! Their horn can grow up to 2.7 meters .Their tusks are surprisingly not used  for hunting ! People use to think that when they found a dead Narwhal on shore,they has found the horn of a unicorn ! So how many Narwhals are there? There are about 10,000 to 45,000 Narwhals!Wow that's a lot of Narwhals!Sadly Narwhals are getting hunted by mad polar bears and killer whales .This will lower the Narwhals population a bit .Actually Humans are hunting Narwhals too!Did you know that humans are the dangerous Animals of all!
Where do they live ?
They live in the freezing Arctic circle ,In North Canada and Greenland.They do not go far away from the freezing ice in the Arctic .they like to move to move from one place to another place for a while ,and live up to 50 years in the wild.
What do they eat?
There diet is some fish, arctic cod, squid, shrimp and other marine animals.Interesting fact some narwhals have two unicorn horns ,but some don't even have any, but that's not very common .
the hornlike tooth
It is amazing that Narwhals actually have a 30cm tooth. Even more  amazing  ,the tooth con reach up to 3ms long!Some Narwhals don't even have a tusk,No unicorn horn!
What do they look like?
They look very interesting because they have a skin colour similar to a Belugas whale.The colour is bluish-gray.Young Narwhals actually have a brown skin !They have a circular head.Narwhals look very cool!
Females start breeding at 6 to 8  years of age .Narwhals are born between April and May .Pregnancy lasts for 14 mouths .
The sea Unicorns
So now do you believe in unicorns ?Well I think you probably could now!These Animals are pretty fascinating Animals with A large horn like tooth!"I think theses animals are cool and really interesting animals with special  unicorn features"!
by Alicia 

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